Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yummy Content Makes My Mouth Water!

I’ve been coming across all kinds of content marketing projects that are certainly doing a tremendous job for their clients and organizations. Here are four of my recent favorites.
This fantastic little video from the editors of Printing Impressions enewsletter is a tremendous testament to educational value that costs very little, uses in-house talent, makes a great point, and knocks the whole thing out in 120-seconds flat. Part of PI’s “Fold of the Week” video series, this video features Chief Folding FanaticTrish Witkowski demonstrating a beautiful pop-up mailer from Westland Printers in Laurel, MD. Nice job guys! Lesson: Simple and authentic makes great content.
The WhichTestWon “landing page optimization” webinar series has been outstanding. I got not just one, buta second blog post out of this superb free content from Anne Holland, publisher of, and her co-presenters. Lesson: Webinars are free-for-all, mini-lessons that can work wonders.
Nobody rounds up infographics better than Randy Krum, president of InfoNewt. If you need an illustrative way to say something, take a look at Randy’s blog, Cool Infographics. You’ll still need a graphic designer to execute a good infographic (it’s much harder than it looks), but at least Randy’s blog will give you an idea what a good infographic looks like. Lesson: When you can deliver content with a picture, you’ll save a thousand words.
This week, I put up a few web pages using the beta version of Shareist, a new content aggregation websitethat lets users “build” web pages based on content that’s pulled from around the web. It took me about 10 minutes to build Content Marketing and Content Curation pages that I can refresh whenever I want by clicking “curate” and then selecting what strikes me.  Lesson: Like blogging, (a.k.a., “citizen journalism”) content curation and marketing are now for the masses.

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